Happy Easter


A nice and easy craft I did today for wishing Happy Easter with my younger students!

You just need yellow and orange cardboard, yellow sheets of paper, googly eyes, brad fasteners and some strings.

First you draw the shape of an egg, then draw both hands of the kids on the sheets of paper and fasten them with brads, then you glue the beak and legs of the chick you have drawn on the orange cardboard. Add the googly eyes and then put the string on top of the head. You can draw a nice message on the tummy of the chick.


Create your own minibooks

I just found this amazing website where we can create minibooks for the youngest learners.

My kids love doing minibooks as they can bring them home later and show them to their parents.



It’s a nice way of practising vocabulary and kids develop basic skills as writing, cutting, colouring,etc.