Last reflections on the subject

In the last session of the master’s class our teacher gave us some time to work actively on our blogs. Mine was already done so I took some time to go through the posts, re-read and edit them and also add some nice pictures.

I have enjoyed a lot the subject; not only it has been useful for my final project of the master’s degree but to open my mind as a teacher. Before starting the master I still had the traditional view of teaching: following the course book, listening activities, etc. which is boring for them and for the teacher as well. But session after session I discovered and learnt new techniques and teaching alternatives we can use in order to make our classes more dynamic and engaging.

I liked the idea of working cooperatively with my classmates and to work through stations because we learnt how to teach English actively by working ourselves that way! We had to work cooperatively through the sessions to get a final product: learn how to teach actively. I also loved the idea of the blog because this is my first blog on education and I like a lot writing on it as it is useful for me to reflect on the way I’d like to teach my students in a near future.

I wish I could use all of these amazing techniques and tools with my students in a real class because I have lots of ideas and I think they are tired of how is English taught in Spain due to the fact that when they finish their studies they are not able to mantain a basic conversation in English. We, as teachers have to present the content in an innovative way and provide our students with significant learning.

I think that active methodologies can change the way in which students see English, we can help them to maintain a positive attitude towards the language and show them that English can be fun and useful for them.