Creating stories for the classroom in the classroom!

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you an amazing tool called Storybird!

It is a website in which we can create stories for free. You just need to create an account, choose some nice illustrations (they are great!) and then start typing your story. You can share your creation with other members, send it to a friend or share it wherever you want!

We could use Storybird in class to present new content in an attractive way or tell our students to become writers for a day and write their own stories! It is a way in which we can encourage our students to develop their writing skills and also spark their interest in literature

Here is mine! I created a story for my 3-year-old students called “What a day!”. It is useful to teach little kids different topics as: animals, weather and some basic vocabulary. My students loved it!
What about you? Would you like to become a storyteller?



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