Prezi: making presentations more dynamic

For me, Prezi is the new PowerPoint; not only the layouts are amazing but it is easy to use and free. It can easily be applied into education: we can change the way in which we introduce content in the classroom and through Prezi, attract our students’ attention. We should also teach our students how to create amazing Prezis they can use in order to make projects or even for their own interest, because they have a friend and it’s his/her birthday and they want to create something special for him/her.

We can use Prezi in our active classrooms; for example, we can tell our students to get into groups and become teachers for a day and teach us something new using a Prezi. They’ll love it for sure!

Here is my Prezi explaining what are digital story tellings about. A digital story telling is another technique we can use in class as it is very innovative and students can improve their creativity, linguistic skills, team work skills…etc.


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